Misgivings of a traveller…

If you are wondering, o! wise reader, that why I have posted this ‘ghazal’ (penned by me, ‘Shikhar’ is my pseudonym), here, on this space which schreechingly says that it’s a blog about my travels; then you are not wrong in being confused and feeling incredulous.

In the introductory line of this blog, i have written that – it’s a ‘strabismic’ or cross-eyed view of life as seen by me. Surely, you can’t expect things to move linearly or in a well programmed manner, after reading such an introduction.

So I will be posting about things which move me along with details about my travels. And I do think that it should be done, because it’s a space created by me to express about the things which I like to talk about and discuss

Secondly and more importantly, this ghazal indeed is about travel -The most important journey one undertakes; the journey of ‘life’.

Going to  unchartered himalayan kingdoms or exotic beach destinations is a privilage of few in this country and the world, but the journey of life – is done by each and everyone.

To put in a scientific perspective, and to put some weight to my actions (in a lighter vein) – you have travelled with me for about 900 kms. in space, assuming it took about 30 seconds to read this blog up till here. This is because our planet moves approximately 30 kms. Per second in its journey around the sun.

But in this epic journey, as one moves from childhood to adoloscence and then to adulthood, the world tries to mould one according to it, whether one wants it or not, it is inevitable.

Specially, after entering the professional world, a person has to encounter various forces which were hitherto absent, namely – boss, seniors, juniors and colleagues, and their vagaries, politics, jealousy, demands, whims, fallacies, shortcomings, talents and all the chaos associated with all this, additionally, there are- commitment, obligation, promises, aspirations and expectations of one’s expanding family i.e. wife,kids etc.

Phew! It’s a heady mixture and I don’t know how, I and you, manage to remain sane. Perhaps we all have already gone bonkers and didn’t notice.

However, in dealing with all above factors, one’s character comes under intense pressure. ‘The way of the world’ does not pass from honest, clean and unblemished lanes.

The teachings, which are inculcated from childhood and are deeply entrenched in one’s mind, are severely put to test and more often than not, they are found wanting against the gail of treacherous mindgames and cunning manipulations of one’s fellow workers, neighbours and even sometimes one’s family members.

How to deal with such situations which are commonplace in one’s life. Should one remain brutally honest, innocent and neutral? And face exploitation, wrath, and detrimental consequences. Also, more often than not, such a person is considered- weak, inconsequential and a pushover. Insignificant in the scheme of things. Yet, he or she remains true to core his or her core values.

Perhaps, this is the way shown by Mahatma Gandhi. My respect towards him and has increased manifold in the past few years. I cannot manage few people at my workplace. How he managed to get on the nerves of our colonial masters, armed with his weapons of non-violence and non-cooperation, I fail to grasp.

Should one follow his path?

Or better are the policies of that old fox- Kautilya or Chanakya. He advocated – tit for tat, and better still – to adopt all means to reach your goal, if your goal is mighty and you are right. The path didn’t matter to him- only the destination mattered.

Should one walk down this road?

These are not just rhetorical questions- I am really asking these questions to you, because I am clueless and much troubled by them.

It might be so that I am over-reacting, I frankly admit the possibility. But, that thought does nothing to alleviate my anxieties.

Is it anyway possible for one to remain unblemished and untarnished in this world, yet remain relevant, successful and progressive in one’s profession?

So, burdened with these thoughts, I turned them into a ghazal and posted here, to share with you all and to pick your minds.

Please feel free to give your inputs and ideas.


Yours truly.

P.S. :- A travelogue about a fantastic place in Bhutan is coming up shortly. Stay tuned.

Published by thekneedytraveller

I am an orthopedic surgeon, specialising in Total knee replacement, with a keen interest in travelling, reading good literature and writing.

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  1. Very nicely and truly written blog. We all have to keep a balance in our lives.
    Many compliments for beautifully written blog.


  2. Jang m Vijay apki boss Excellent God Bless you padkar Dil kush hogya wait for next


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