Extraordinary books about war to read in lockdown.

All right, let me confess right in the beginning that I dig books about wars, specially the Second world war. Not only books but also movies, but we will talk about the books here. There is something about such books that is too endearing, and too heartwarming and heart- wrenching at the same time, that […]

My sister…

A story. The Shop:- Noticed him the moment I handed the first chaddar of the day about ten minutes back. Could not have missed him even if he would not have chosen that part of the pavement to sit down eventually. That man stood apart in the crowd. The way he was moving – ambling […]

The Rock.

A story. ‘Its just as I had imagined it would be’, sighed Ha – joon as he looked out of the big window of the A.C. Volvo bus which was taking him from Jaipur to his destination – Barr; a small town in the district of Pali, Rajasthan. He had always wanted to be in […]

The Miracle.

A story. As he struggled to find a foothold on the narrow and overcrowded steps of the over-bridge at the Kalupur railway station, Mayank glanced at his wrist-watch. 8:20am. He cursed under his breath. The train, Ashram express, had been running late by about 40 minutes. It was not a large duration of time by […]

The Red Tape.

A story. It was a lovely Friday morning when I came out of my house to go to my office. I have always loved February, the air is fresh and the temperature is just right. From my parking I had an unobstructed view of Mr. Upadhyay’s house, across the street. The villa had a beautiful […]