Traveling in the fantasy land!..

Hello all….I have been rather busy last few days, too caught up in the profession to either travel or write something here.

But surely I wasn’t sitting idle in my mind, rather was traveling in the realms of fantasy – a luxury and a birthright, awarded to all who take birth on this planet, and however deep and engaging one’s professional commitments might be, they cannot stop one from having a flight of fantasy now and then.

Rather, I would say, the more busy one becomes, the more he or she finds himself or herself longing to go on a dream vacation or wishing that life could provide some respite from its constant demands, temptations, sorrows and recriminations.

And so one day, I, too found myself wishing that timeless wish of everyone – What if I could have the superpower that all my words could come true! – I know it was quite childish, and perhaps very foolish of me to think upon these lines, but I was indeed passing through a phase, where such wishful thinking was never far from my thoughts, and I hope you would humour me this time, o! wise reader.

So, I pondered over it rather seriously, and well, by this time you know what I would have done – yes, indeed I penned down a ghazal about it, which you will find below.

If such a wish could come true, what would one wish for?…What would you wish for- o! wise reader, I ask you?

Well, it might seem clichéd but indeed I think that I would wish this world to have peace and contentment. It is not that selfless as it seems, because, if the world will have tranquility and prosperity, I automatically will have these two evasive states.

Current state of my country and world in general is so morbid, so acrimonious and pathetic, that it surely would be my wish that this state of affairs could come to an end.

Everywhere, squabbles about religion, immigration, caste and colour are going on, superimposed upon the perineal struggles of economics, culture and politics.

I might be sounding quite foreboding and rather like a doomsayer, but many people feel like myself, I know. Surrounded by propaganda of one political leader or other, one finds oneself constantly immersed in a sea of shameless rhetoric, which percolates down to one’s soul via the miracles of technology I.e. digital media.

Naturally, one would think that all this would stop if everyone was sufficiently provided for on this planet… Wouldn’t it? Or would it?

On deeper reflections, I came to conclusion that even this universally benevolent wish of mine would not cure the world of it ills.

The nature of man is such that he is never satisfied with what he has, even though it might be more than sufficient, and in such an utopian world too, a section of population would try to gain more than others – corruption would still seep in and things would become much like they are now at some point of time.

There would be one danger to myself though- a person who could bring any wish to fruition would be so valuable, so as to pose a mortal danger to himself! People would kill to be near him and there would be murder on the streets for my tongue!

Also, after making world a happy place, I would certainly wish to return, perpetually to that time of my life which was innocent, free of worries and devoid of any blemish – childhood.

And, no doubt most of the populace would certainly like to return to childhood, then how would next generation emerge?

Further, in such a world, where economic stability would be ensured, and good outcome of all deeds would be assured, who would try to excel in life?

There would be no ‘greats’ in any sports, music, arts or in any profession for that matter. It would be quite a dull place!

Well, well, well!…It turns out that no dream or wishful thinking is needed for this life. Things might get even murkier, and might take a turn for the worse, in such a world.

But it is my sincere hope that, if not my request, atleast my undying and rather quixotic optimism can produce some effect upon the prejudices which are deeply entrenched in the minds of majority of my fellow countrymen, and even on people of distant shores; and are being played upon by politicians in their tryst to attain power; and that they could realize the simple truth that this world would be a much better place if everyone treats each other with the respect a person needs, based on principles of humanity, and not based on his or her religion, caste, nationality, and political preferences.

Hugh!.. I didn’t want to be preachy 🙂

I hope you would realize that I am really troubled by what is going around me, perhaps, for you everything’s fine, but i do not concur.

And, not being in any position of changing anything anywhere drastically, we, you and I, could atleast try to do our bidding; however little it might be.

If nothing else- one certainly can wish in one’s mind for a beautiful world.

There’s nothing wrong in going on a flight of fancy once in a while, and I hope you would excuse my trip to dreamland, and not consider this peice as overly dramatic, preachy, kiddish or heavens forbid – rubbish!

Yours truly,

The ‘Knee’dy traveller.

Published by thekneedytraveller

I am an orthopedic surgeon, specialising in Total knee replacement, with a keen interest in travelling, reading good literature and writing.

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